The Goddesses Project

A photography experience and personal journey designed to release your inner goddess.


The Photography Experience

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Birth of the project

Why The Goddesses Project Was Created?

In 2020, one woman wanted 12 of her powerhouse girlfriends to be photographed so that they could see in themselves what she already saw in them. The experience turned into an opportunity to empower and lift each other up. It created an ongoing safe space for the women to shine together, share vulnerabilities and celebrate their uniqueness. While it was not created to change anyone's life it was doing just that!

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"While it was not created to change anyone's life it was doing just that! The women were leaving their session feeling as though they had stepped out of who they used to be and into who they were always meant to be. They were embracing the goddess that has always been within, FOR THE FIRST TIME. . ."

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"They were stepping into their own and experiencing it with their own tribe!"

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Goddess Lori

How could I tell her I already hated my life?

So at a time when I was supposed to be developing my femininity and becoming a young woman, I was being objectified, violated, and abused.

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You are what you surround yourself with

Our intentions and ability to love ourself is influenced by our surroundings every day. It's up to us to make changes to our environment so that it's making a positive influence upon us instead of celebrating the outside world. It's important to create a space for the powerful reminder of how authentically strong, sexy, courageous, worthy........... YOU are.

Goddess Starr

What a lot of women experience, myself included, is a loss of self.

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This experience pushed me into owning my femininity.

Goddess Tammy : Gilbert, Az

This was a life changing expereince for me. You are an eternal goddess Christy!

Goddess Virginia : Denver, CO

Sadly, before this experience, I would speak hate over myself when I looked in the mirror.

Anonymous Goddess

WOW, I really am beautiful!

Goddess Holly : Huntington, PA

The black goddess dress feels like a a big hug!

Goddess Rebekah : Gilbert, AZ

I'm mesmerized by how self-limiting we are towards ourselves as women.

goddess Lisa, Arroyo Grande, CA
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