The standard of beauty has changed over the years : By Kisha Hamilton

The standard of beauty has changed over the years : By Kisha Hamilton - Goddesses Project

As soon as you meet Kisha, you know you are seen and loved just as you are. Without an ounce of makeup on! You are perfect! I was excited to ask Kisha to write about how she elevates woman in her craft because she has been by our side, glamming goddesses for most of our Phoenix, AZ area goddesses. She’s become like family, a sister goddess to all of us who have been lucky enough to spend time and talent with her!

Kisha, you are doing so much more than I think you realize! You are literally elivating lives! For those of you who haven't been through a goddess photoshoot in Phoenix, she is the last person to touch the energy of each woman I photograph before they come to me. I see them step into their strength because of her. She gives every woman the confidence they crave!

You can see the confidence that her work evokes within our goddesses in the title photograph!

Kisha, it's as though you are giving permission to every goddess to step into their greatness. Greatness that you could already see. They just needed you Kisha, to help them see it!  

(A Goddess guest post by Kisha Hamilton)

The standard of beauty has changed over the years. However, there is still a standard. Growing up, I did not feel as though I fit into that standard. So, I focused on getting an education and the things that I enjoyed doing instead. I was not the little girl who played in my mom’s makeup as a child. The only true goal I had in life was to go to college and make something of myself.

However, I did not know what I wanted to do, so it was hard making something out of nothing. I had no idea that what I wanted to do was work in the fashion and beauty industry, making others look the way I wanted to look. It wasn’t until years later when I had a son and married my husband who also had a son that I started to look at myself in the mirror and appreciate being a woman.

I was surrounded by boys and often felt "unpretty." I felt I needed to learn femineity. I started playing in makeup and learned the artistic value of using a face as a canvas to express myself. I spent a year studying and practicing makeup on myself until people started asking me to do their makeup. After 2 years I decided to make my hobby a profession and began doing makeup on the side. It wasn’t long before I realized that I enjoyed doing others makeup over doing my own. I enjoy making woman feel great about themselves.

So, why am I so passionate about the makeup and the beauty industry?

I am passionate about women knowing that they are beautiful. I want to remind them that they do not have to be the standard or compare themselves to it!

When my clients allow me to bless their face, it’s my gift to share with them that beauty is how they value the woman they are—with or without makeup.

As the old saying goes, “Beauty is only skin deep”!

Kisha Hamilton : Freelance Makeup Artist


Kisha is a talented and passionate make up artist. To learn more about her and see her work, please visit her IG Account HERE, or for some of her favorite skincare and make up products, you can visit her store HERE.

If you have a mission to help empower women through their journey of self love, please let us know by emailing The Goddesses Project at and include a topic plus link to any blogs, websites, products, etc.

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