We get the best results when we smile : By Carla Silva

We get the best results when we smile : By Carla Silva - Goddesses Project
Getting my teeth straightened, it never occurred to me that anyone beyond myself would understand how life changing this could be for me. I was going in because I wanted to love my smile, love my self when I looked in the mirror or at pictures of my self. I had to make the hard decision and own that I was worth feeling this love for my self. Turns out, I wasn’t the only person standing up for myself. I didn’t have to do this alone. She knew how life changing this would before I did. From reading her story I realized she knew the hurtles that held me back and victories to come all too well. She’s that goddess cheering us along before we even decide to make the jump because she can see how empowered we are going to feel once our goal is reached! 
I was excited to ask Carla to share her story of what she does in her day to day to elivate woman because I know how passionate she is to see woman succeed!! Her energy is unstoppable! If you follow our IG account you will always see her praising and empowering other woman! So without going on and on about this stunning goddess and her beautiful energy, here she is, marking woman feel safe, worthy and beautiful everyday! 


(A Goddess Guest post by Carla Silva)

"Smile: A pleased, kind, or amused facial expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and front teeth exposed."

I am Carla Silva, Practice Administrator / Treatment Coordinator for Baker Orthodontics. At Baker Orthodontics, we are leading the way for the highest quality orthodontic care in our community.

I am dedicated to providing the best care to every patient that comes in our door. When people hear Orthodontics, we immediately think of kids or teenagers. What we don't think is "adults". More importantly, we never think about a "40" something woman. But, believe it or not, this is life-changing.

Women are selfless; we always put ourselves last, especially when we have children. Braces are not a priority for us until after we have provided for our children. I hear from our patients," my parents couldn't afford braces for my siblings, and I so I want to make sure I can provide this for my kids."   When we finally have the time to take care of ourselves, and it's our turn for braces or clear aligners, moms are so excited. This helps bring their confidence back; it reminds them that they are important too. That they are worth prioritizing their self too! Women age, we look in the mirror and point out all our flaws. It's an incredible experience to see women look in the mirror for the first time, see them glow and step into their confidence after their treatment. It's like they say, " There I am!'

Every day I have the opportunity to educate and change lives. I say it all the time 'I have the best job in the world!' I get to take a journey with women who feel scared, insecure and excited simultaneously. The truth is, we meet people, and the first thing we look at is their smile! It says a lot about a person! Having the opportunity to help women gain confidence throughout their treatment is an honor and personally, so rewarding.

Life is like a mirror; we get the best results when we smile; it's contagious.

Carla Silva

If you have a mission to help empower women through their journey of self love, please let us know by emailing The Goddesses Project at Christy@GoddessesProject.com and include a topic plus link to any blogs, websites, products, etc.

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