Hello! Christy Arias Here!

Hello!  Christy Arias Here! - Goddesses Project

I would tell you my age but I was told once "that you should never say you age aloud in fear that our body will hear." So I'm not taking any chances. But I have been told that I am living in my Goddess years. It has a nice ring to it.

I've been a photographer for 22 years but that has very little, if any reason behind why I've launched this "project". In the summer of 2020 a friend came to me with a "crazy idea." Her words.... She wanted her girlfriends to see how inspiring, powerful, and beautiful they are because each one of them have had such a huge impact on who she is today. Little did we know, this was going to be a huge ask for all of us to allow our walls to come down and to put our insecurities aside.

This became our "project" because we, including myself, realized that we are an ongoing project. One we hadn't spent much time on before this.

Before the year of 2020 when I reluctantly accepted the goddess that's always lived inside of me, I was secretly really insecure. I was too thin, my skin looked too old, I would make excuses for myself, all sabotage self talk because I was trying to find a balance between everyone else's vision of who I'm supposed to be and what they think looks good on me. I wanted others to love me but I realized the most fulfilling love is the love you have for yourself. I needed to not care if someone thought my dress was too revealing, if my hair looked better long, if my skin was too freckled, if they thought I was too thin, that my butt was too small or that I was "too nice.". I needed to let it all go and be my damn-real-self. The goddess within me that's been there the whole time. The one I suppressed from childhood because as girls we are told what's acceptable and what's not.

I can't un-feel or un-experience the transformation this awareness has had on myself or the other goddesses I have been fortunate enough to work with. So I can't not do this now. It's a bigger-than-me honor to help women experience the transformation of living within their goddess.

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