I sometimes cry in awe at the other miracles that manifest : By Monique Gaffney

I sometimes cry in awe at the other miracles that manifest : By Monique Gaffney - Goddesses Project

(A Goddess guest post by Monique Gaffney)

The question I probably dislike getting the most is, "So what do you do?"

Even though I know what I do, I never feel like I quite get it right. I mean, how do you say "I teach a Divinely Downloaded modality called Core Wound Healing to women who want to heal any hurts, trauma, limiting beliefs and unserving patterns that are holding them back, and then I walk them into remembering their Purpose and empower them to serve the world the way that God called and created them to." in a succinct way without making them look at you sideways?

So I typically resort to "I help women shift what is holding them back so they are free to step into their Purpose." which honestly bores me because it doesn't hold the energetic capacity of how HUGELY TRANSFORMATIVE this work is.

For the longest time, I didn't own my role in this life changing work. I didn't want to "take away" from God, because ultimately, it came from Him. But there was a distinct difference in the women I work with 1:1 and the women who just purchase the course and do it on their own. Yes, both heal and experience a life changing transformation, but the ones that work directly with me get something else.

And it took me years to own it, but I can say it now with full ownership:

I am a powerfully Gifted, Divine Conduit and I channel energy and messages for my Intended, direct from God.

I see you in your healing from God's perspective. Feel the things you are still tucking deep inside, trying to continue to hide. I hear the Whispers of your soul that you'e been avoiding. And I gently, lovingly, but with a fierce energy that desires to see you be free of the wound, help you see, hear and feel it all, too.

I see you in your highest and best Self, before you ever do. I see visions and glimpses of you actually DOING your Purpose work, and it's like a fun secret God has given me that I empower you step into.

When women work with me, it's like they plugged into a secret source of energy that jolts them back into their Highest, Best, most fired up version of themselves they know they are.

And while all of that brings me to tears on a daily basis because my soul is overflowing with gratitude to witness all the healing and Purpose work these women are doing, I sometimes cry in awe at the other miracles that manifest in this work.

Like women getting pregnant after being unable to conceive.
Like marriages restored after the unthinkable.
Like a woman finding a life partner who loves her unconditionally when she only knew abusive relationships.
Like families coming back together.
Like parents asking forgiveness from their children. Like a woman looking at her body in the mirror and genuinely loving every lump, bump and crevice, despite all it's endured and how long she hated it.
Like seeing women confidently setting boundaries, where they never existed before.
Like healing generational patterns that were detrimental to her believing anything else was possible.
Like finally feeling worthy of all the abundance that is rightfully hers.

Witnessing women's miracles on a daily basis and knowing I was the one that paved the way for them to experience this life changing, soul shifting, lineage healing work brings me to my knees in humble gratitude often.

But I had to go first. Someone always does, right?

I had to be ready, willing and open to receive this Divine modality that was gifted to us. I had to do the work myself, first.
I had to heal my wounds, shift my patterns, release all of the emotion and energy that was stored up in me wreaking havoc on my mind, body and spirit, first.
I had to make the 6 Keys to Core Wound Healing™️ a way of life, first.
And in healing, I had to remember my Purpose first, and then bravely dive head first into pursuing it.

All so that I could learn the way, then show you how.

And what may be the raddest part of all, is once you choose to "go first" and you learn how to heal and you remember and step into your Purpose, you are paving the path for every woman who is watching you transform before their eyes to bravely take the first step in transforming hers.

This work spreads like wildfire. Once a woman experiences it, she cannot be contained.

But you see, the fire has always been in you. I was just chosen to reignite your flame.

So maybe the next time someone asks me what I do, I'll just say, "I spark the flame for the Wildfire in women." and see what they say.

Monique Gaffney is the Founder of Core Wound Healing™️ and FEMLM™️ where she works with women who are ready to heal their wounds, remember their Purpose and serve the world the way they were called and created to.

In a world where masculine energy dominates, Monique brings a breath of fresh feminine energy, with Purpose as the guide and impact as the result.

Connect with Monique:

Instagram: @MoniqueGaffney
Facebook: Facebook.com/MoniqueGaffneyOfficial
Email: Monique@MoniqueGaffney.com

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