Thinking less and feeling more

Thinking less and feeling more - Goddesses Project

Since I was a child I’ve been very aware of how greatly I can feel others energy around me. How wonderful it felt to hold others in their energy, feel with them and even lift theirs. I had no idea that this is what I was doing until just a few years ago. What I didn’t know and wasn’t doing was feeling and living in MY vibrational energy. I had never thought to feel my own or live within it because I was so consumed and was living this life to lift everyone else. More often than not this depleted me. I had no idea there was balance. I just knew I was here to love others.

I finally realized about 2 years ago that I needed to take care of me first and trust that the right people within my alignment would come. That I wasn’t selfish for needing to take care of me. Boy am I happy to be standing right here, right now! The work thus far has paid off! So much so that I just signed my self up with a coach that’s going to help me dig even deeper into my true divine self! I’ve never felt more in-line with me. Again, knowing this could sound selfish, but I know it’s not because in return I’m getting to “work” with women who are blowing my mind. We are thinking less and feeling more. Trusting in ourself first while grateful for the support system we are growing within each other.

For the first time I have more energy than I know what to do with. Holding space feels more like dancing together than actually holding. So very grateful for this alignment. I could always feel it’s desire but never realized it needed to start with me. I felt like this photo went perfect with this share because this is one of the women (goddesses) who also put in the work to start living within her alignment. To start living in her truth and owning it for her self. Getting to set an intention and time together really set my soul on fire. The people you surround your self with will either elevate you or hold you back.

They are either in-line with you or they aren’t and that’s ok. You’ve got to look inward and listen to what you are trying to tell YOU first. When I look at this stunning woman I can still feel her authenticity, bravery, fire, desires and know she is a woman I would love to dance with!

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