At The Goddesses Project, we believe our past trauma and setbacks don’t get to have the power to define the woman we are, but we do know they’re still a part of our powerful story.

For some of us, we’ve experienced a critical, defining moment in life that tragically took away who we are and changed our lives forever.

For other women, the process of losing ourselves has been slow and gone unnoticed. Until one day, when we wake up, look at ourselves in the same mirror we’ve looked in thousands of times, and realize that we no longer recognize who we are.

It’s so unbelievably easy for us as women to feel unworthy, or even silly about the experiences we’ve had that have held us back in life. The experiences that have shaped us, but also, the experiences the world has told us should shame us. The very experiences and situations that have brought us to this point of knowing we truly need to make a change, that an empowering personal transformation is on the horizon.

Moving toward this change, we acknowledge that the stark reality is: the past is all real. All the experiences that brought you to where you are today happened. You didn’t imagine them, they didn’t happen to someone else, and many of them were exactly as awful as they seem. And we see you.

BUT the reality is also that each and every one of us gets to make the empowered, divine decision, for ourselves, to change our lives. To offer ourselves a rebirth.

No matter our story, no matter our scars, no matter our battles, each one of us is so innately worthy of living as our best selves!

It’s up to us, and only to us, to step into our greater goddess self!


The Goddesses Project Experience

Empower Your Authentic Feminine Self

Birth of the Goddesses Project

In 2020, one woman wanted 12 of her powerhouse girlfriends to be photographed so that they could see in themselves what she already saw in them.

The experience turned into an opportunity to empower and lift each other up. It created an ongoing safe space for the women to shine together, share vulnerabilities and celebrate their uniqueness.

While it was not created to change anyone's life it was doing just that!

The women were leaving their session feeling as though they had stepped out of who they used to be and into who they were always meant to be. They were embracing the goddess that had always been within, FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Since seeing and celebrating themselves through their goddess photo-shoot, many have been unstoppable in their self-love and empowerment journey! Where you create sparks, there shall be flames!

Note to the FEMININE who needs to hear this.

Far too often, we internalize the words and actions of others and allow them to live within us, direct our path, and color our thoughts and beliefs about our own self, our life, and potential.

We begin believing that we are just a mother, just a provider, or that we’re damaged, unlovable, not interesting, or not unique enough.

Does any of this sound familiar?

We begin to see ourselves as too thin, too curvy, too masculine, too feminine, too revealing, or simply not enough.

Or, have you ever been told things like, ‘Your dreams are too big,’ or, ‘Don’t quit your day job,” or even, ‘You aren’t capable of or meant to do BIG things…”?

Have you ever had to adjust your own self to make those who have told you that you were too much or too little more comfortable?

Have you ever dimmed your own spark because it was too bright for someone else, allowing the shadow of that spark to make itself a home hanging heavily over your head?

As women, the list truly goes on and on of things we’re either told or it’s “implied” we cannot or should not do.

None of it is true.


None of it is aligned with who you are meant to be, in your most authentic form. And no one gets to decide this but YOU!

Are you giving away your power to someone who doesn’t deserve to have it, or are you powerfully owning it for yourself? Ask yourself: am I living in a space of joy or resistance?

The good news: this is all a mindset! It’s there for you and you alone to design and take on for yourself and your own life, creating an existence of freedom and truth within you.

So, together, let’s step away from self-limiting beliefs.

Empowerment looks good on you.




Self Care

Self care. It’s often the missing piece and, if we’re being honest, it’s the easiest to overlook in our self-love and personal growth journey. We all know we can’t pour from an empty cup, right? If we aren’t taking care of ourselves first, we’re never living in our highest vibration and capabilities as an empowered, divine woman.

It’s time to level up! Pay close attention and listen to what your mind, body, and spirit are asking of you. Your happiest and most authentic sense of self is waiting for you just on the other side of this practice!


Positive Mindset

You’ve heard the saying, ‘You are what you eat.’ Have you ever thought about this: you are what you THINK? 

It’s true!

Our thoughts and self-talk set our own limits, build our own walls, and have the ability to take them back down.

It’s time to level up! Consume only what empowers you! What you find in line with your core beliefs and how you want your life to look. What engages your joy and supports where you see yourself going in life.


Body Positivity

How do you see yourself? Do you compare yourself to others on a regular basis? Do you shame your body and wish it were different? Do you pick apart your appearance in the mirror?

Your body and reflection will always be as shameful or amazing as you allow it to be! It’s time to level up! Try giving thanks to the power of your body right where it is in this very moment. How many years on this earth has it gracefully carried you through?

Practice giving gratitude in how far the two of you have come! Work together to meet as your best version, both inward and outward.

Absolutely no one but you has a say or justified opinion when it comes to how beautiful and perfect YOUR body is!


What Does A Goddess Experience Include?

A Goddess Tribe

We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated by purpose.”

We’re your tribe and we’ve got your back! Too often, we feel totally alone and like we must be the only one going through the situation we’re in. That’s not the case here! You’ll soon learn that with your Goddess Tribe, we’re all here walking, lifting each other up, and empowering each other along the way.

You don’t just gain the experience of a lifetime, you gain friendships of a lifetime, too.


Intention Setting Discovery Call

“Sometimes you don’t know what the next step is, because the next step isn’t a step, it’s a jump.” - Kim Perell

This exclusive call will be some of the most important time we spend together! It’s so important that, as Goddess Sisters, we trust each other. This is an intimate, cherished experience. We’re going to dig into your journey and your authentic self to empower your ongoing self-love and personal growth journey!


Professional Makeup

“We’re just so lucky as women to be able to wear makeup. If you’re having a bad day, you can change that.” - Gwen Stefani

No need to worry about the logistics, Goddess! We’ve got you!

Each Goddess photography session will include a professional makeup artist, one who specializes in the perfect makeup you need to last all day and reflect studio lighting beautifully.

Photography Session

She is a queen, her soul is royalty.” - Adrian Michael

A private, intimate, and empowering 45-minute photography session completely embodying your set intentions!

Together, with stunning lighting and the spotlight on you, we will be dancing through 3 different outfit changes, a crown, and of course, a wind machine.


On-Line Design Session

“I am the woman you don’t find twice, I promise you that.”

It’s way beyond time that you see for yourself the version of you that’s been hidden from your view, but has always been there!

Together, over an online design consultation, we’ll reveal how f**king stunning you truly are and design your wall art. This exclusive time is set aside to complete and finalize your portrait order.


Goddess Fine Art

“Repeat After Me: I’m walking into the greatest season of my life.”

Every Goddess Photography Experience includes an 11x14 Fine Art Goddess Amalfi Panel. This unique work of art is classy and elegant, framed with torn handmade cotton amalfi paper, giving your artwork a vintage feel.

There won’t be a single day that passes after this empowering experience that you won’t have immediate visual access to the goddess you truly are and have always been.

THIS is your daily, hourly reminder of how far you’ve come in your journey and how worthy you are of celebrating!



$995 per Goddess

I want this in my life! How do I book?

At The Goddesses Project, we’re so ready to introduce you to your authentic, divine self!

Bookings for 2022 will be extremely limited.

In 2022, we will only be photographing 24 Goddesses, and we’d love for you to be one of them!

Each location will have 2 different types of booking options:

Thursday and Saturday are set aside for individual goddess photoshoots or for those who want to experience this transformative, self-growth experience with their #GODDESSSISTA! If you are sharing this day with your goddess sister, photographs of the two of you together will be included! Each goddess must purchase a ticket and is limited to 2 photoshoots per that day.

Friday and Sunday are set aside for a #GODDESSGANG of 4 women to book together. If there is already an unfamiliar name assigned to the day, it means the tickets are reserved for that goddess gang only. This day will be reserved for just you and your gang and include a group photograph with your gang at the end of the day!  

12 goddesses in Pismo Beach, CA  April 7th-10th, 2022 CLOSED & BOOKED:

Thursday - BOOKED

Friday - BOOKED

Saturday -BOOKED

Sunday - BOOKED


12 goddesses inPhoenix, AZ  September 8th-11th, 2022 CLOSED & BOOKED:

Thursday - BOOKED

Friday - BOOKED

Saturday - BOOKED

Sunday -  BOOKED


Click the BOOK YOUR GODDESS EXPERIENCE  button below to reserve your Goddess Photshoot ticket!

You will automatically be guided to share your story, choose your photoshoot date and fulfill your $995 booking deposit. Please note, if dates are booked, your story will be automatically placed on our 2022 waiting list in the case that we have a last minute cancellations, as well as you’ll become first choice to book for 2023 when cities and dates are announced.


2022 Goddess Giveback


Giving back is an important part of what we do at The Goddesses Project. We’re excited to announce that $100 from every $995 booking fee will go toward empowering a nominated woman through her very own Goddess Photography Experience!

This woman is constantly loving, taking care of others, and would never otherwise consider herself a goddess or treat herself to this experience.

This goddess may only be nominated by a past goddess who has gone through our Goddess Photography Experience and felt the personal transformation for herself.

A panel of goddesses (with no prior connection to those nominated!) will lovingly and carefully select a nominee to be gifted the Goddess Photography Experience. The scholarship recipient will be announced in December of 2022 and scheduled and photographed in 2023!


Frequently Asked Questions

Each and every goddess will leave her experience with at least an 11x14 Fine Art Goddess Amalfi Panel.

In the occasion you’d like something larger, a unique size, or a different display option, we’ll happily credit $450 toward an individual piece!

At The Goddesses Project, we strongly stand by every goddess leaving her session with this 11x14 piece of beautiful wall art (or larger!) because we know the powerful, priceless impact that this wall art is going to make in your life.

When you truly need it the most, when your mind is telling your heart all those stories that you now know aren’t true, you’ll have this stunning, empowering wall art as a daily reminder of who you authentically are. You won’t have to scroll through your phone for it or hunt it down on your computer.

She’ll be right there.

Demanding your attention every day, reconnecting you with the most powerful version of yourself, and starting your day with the reminder of who you truly, genuinely are.

Powerful? Crazy powerful!



We want you to take home anything that makes you feel empowered, reminds you of your Goddess experience, and puts a smile on your Goddess face!

When you fall in love with more than you expected, we’ll go over album, portrait box, loose prints, and other incredible wall art options.


While we don’t hire or handle a hairdresser ourselves, you are more than welcome you bringing your own hair stylist if you would like to get that "dream ‘do" before your scheduled makeup appointment.


This is one of our favorite questions!

At your Goddess Photography Experience, we’ll be photographing 3 different outfits.

The first, a timeless, classic, black fitted turtleneck dress and crown or our 2022 "NUDE" goddess gown that we’ll provide.

The other two, are up to you!

We suggest a cocktail dress for one that makes you feel sexy, classy, and like you OWN that room! Tip: the wind machine loves flowy dresses!

For your last outfit, we love something more casual such as your favorite pair of worn-in jeans and a shirt that can fall off your shoulder. This style gives us so much to play with!

PLEASE KNOW: In the end, there are no rules! If this doesn’t sound like you, no hard feelings! We want you to bring outfits that make you feel confident and amazing and are completely aligned with the intentions we set during your Intention Setting Call.

When you feel incredible, that will shine brighter than any outfit you wear!



To share your Goddess Photography Experience with your online world, we offer branded social media files that can be purchased at $150 each or added to any matching print for only $25.


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