GODDESS, we've been through it. And I'm not talking about the global pandemic.

As women, society has raised us to believe it made more sense for us to play it small, to be who we can rather than who we know we are, to believe beauty is what we see in magazine ads and Hollywood. Because of this we have neglected the very idea that our very own "sacred feminine and masucline" even exist, let alone is a spark ready to set fire within each and every woman.

Are you ready to connect with your feminine power, evoke and unleash your inner GODDESS energy?

The Goddesses project Experience

Empower Your Authentic Self

Birth of the goddesses project

A friend of mine came to me in the summer of 2020 wanting 12 of her powerhouse girlfriends, including myself, to be photographed so that they could see how empowering and truly stunning they are for themselves.

The experience turned into an opportunity to empower and lift each other up. It created an ongoing safe space for the women to shine together, share vulnerabilities and celebrate their uniqueness.

While it was not created to change anyone's life it was doing just that!

The women were leaving their session feeling as though they had stepped out of who they used to be and into who they were always meant to be. They were embracing the goddess that has always been within, FOR THE FIRST TIME.

They were stepping into their own and experiencing it with their own tribe!

What is "Goddess Status"

We allow others' words to live within us. To direct us. We start to believe our skin is too freckled, too thin, too wrinkled. That we are too thin, too big. That our hair looked better long or have listened to those who told us we were "too much" for their liking, and allowed that shadow to make itself comfortable over our head.

We need to change this mindset for ourselves.

Our wrinkles and freckles are proof of the amazing life we've lived thus far. A reminder of how fuc#! *g AMAZING our body is! How resilient we are!

Why as women are we so self-limiting? Body shaming ourselves has to stop. It's time to start looking at our weight, at any stage as a reminder of all of the good that has got us to this point! Our happiness is only our own. If that's drinking great wine & eating the best damn chicken alfredo as we laugh uncontrollably with our girlfriends, then THAT'S GODDESS STATUS! If it's sweating it out with your tribe 3 days a week while pouring out your truths, THAT'S GODDESS STATUS. Loving you.... that's GODDESS STATUS!

Yes, it takes work, and hopefully you'll look at loving yourself as I do, as an ongoing "goddess project". One that I hope never ends. One that I know has nothing to do with the way I look on the outside or what anyone else thinks of me. It starts from within my divine feminime. My inner goddess!

The 3 things to help us reach "GODDESS STATUS"

Self Love

Have a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. Take care of your needs by not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Everyone's self love will be different because we all have different ways to take care of ourselves.


A positive mindset is a mental and emotional attitude that focus on the good in life.

Self Image

This is how you see yourself. So when you're convinced of what you see, the rest of your life will align that way. Both negatively or positively.

Every Goddess Experience Includes

Your Goddess Tribe

"Behind every successful goddess is a tribe of other successful goddesses, who have her back"

Can you even imagine a better day than one with your goddess tribe? Lift each other up, laugh, empower each other!

Discovery Session

"There is only one you. Understand who you are. Your uniqueness." -Priyanka Chopra

This is where we are going to start engaging with our inner goddess through discussing outfits and set your intention for your goddess photoshoot.

Professional Makeup

"We're just so lucky as women to be able to wear makep. If you're having a bad day, you can change that." - Gwen Stefani

No need to worry goddess, we got you! Ever session will include a proessional makeup artist who specializes in makeup needed to last and reflect studio lighting beautifully.

Photography Session

"She is a queen, her soul is royalty." - Adrian Michael

A private 45 minute session where we will be dancing through 3 different outfit changes, a crown and of course a wind machine!

On-Line Design Session

" She rememebered who she was and the game changed." - Lalah Deliah

It's time to see the you that's always been there! Together, over an online design consultation we will reveal how fuc*#!g stunning you truly are, design your wall art and anything else you fall inlove with! The options are endless!

Goddess Fine Art

"Inspire and empower your self daily"

(1) 9"x14" Goddess Panel framed out as a 15x20. A unique work of art, classy and elegant. Framed with torn handmade cotton amalfi paper, giving your artwork a vintage feel. There won't be a day that goes by after this experience where you won't have access to the goddess you are about to discover and unleash. It's her job to remind you daily how bad-ass you. You won't forget it!

$595 per Goddess

Host Your Goddess Tribe

Interested in empowering your tribe of goddesses and want to throw a Goddesses Project photoshoot?


Please email Christy at Christy@goddessesproject.com

Host will recieve a special gift, something your inner goddess will surly LOVE!

My Goddess Promise To You

From one Goddess to another, I promise that with even the slightest bit of mindset and self love work before your goddess experience, you'll leave feeling so self-empowered and inline with your inner Goddess!

About The Photographer

Hi, I'm Christy Arias. . .

I would tell you my age but I was told once "that you should never say you age aloud in fear that our body will hear." So I'm not taking any chances. But I have been told that I am living in my Goddess years. It has a nice ring to it.

I've been a photographer for 22 years but that has very little, if any reason behind why I've launched this "project". In the summer of 2020 a friend came to me with a "crazy idea." Her words.... She wanted her girlfriends to see how inspiring, powerful, and beautiful they are because each one of them have had such a huge impact on who she is today. Little did we know, this was going to be a huge ask for all of us to allow our walls to come down and to put our insecurities aside.

This became our "project" because we, including myself, realized that we are an ongoing project. One we hadn't spent much time on before this.

Before the year of 2020 when I reluctantly accepted the goddess that's always lived inside of me, I was secretly really insecure. I was too thin, my skin looked too old, I would make excuses for myself, all sabotage self talk because I was trying to find a balance between everyone else's vision of who I'm supposed to be and what they think looks good on me. I wanted others to love me but I realized the most fulfilling love is the love you have for yourself. I needed to not care if someone thought my dress was too revealing, if my hair looked better long, if my skin was too freckled, if they thought I was too thin, that my butt was too small or that I was "too nice.". I needed to let it all go and be my damn-real-self. The goddess within me that's been there the whole time. The one I suppressed from childhood because as girls we are told what's acceptable and what's not.

I can't un-feel or un-experience the transformation this awareness has had on myself or the other goddesses I have been fortunate enough to work with. So I can't not do this now. It's a bigger-than-me honor to help women experience the transformation of living within their goddess.

Frequently Asked Questions

All goddesses will walk away with at least an 11x14 wall art piece of their self but are welcome to upgrade it to a larger piece to accommodate a larger area, needing a larger piece. In this case, we will credit $450 towards a larger piece.

We stand by every goddess leaving this experience with at least an 11x14 because we know the impact this wall art is going to make in your life.

When you need it the most, when your mind is telling your heart stories that aren't true, you will have this wall art as a reminder of who you really are. You won't have to scroll through your phone for it or hunt it down on your computer. She will be right there, demanding your attention everyday, reconnecting you and starting your day with the reminder of who you truly are.

It's crazy powerful!

Yes!!! If you fall in love with more, we will go over album, portrait box, loose prints and other incredible wall art options.

Absolutely! Let's setup a call to work out all the details!

Email Christy@GoddessesProject.com or call 775-815-7600

Typically 4 - 5 women, but please reach out to discuss.

While we don't hire or handle a hair dresser ourselves, it is something you are welcome to do as a group.

We haven't found a way to include this because each city, each group of women runs very differently in their style.

I love this question!

We will be photographing 3 different outfits! One being a classic black, fitted turtleneck dress and crown that we will provide.

For the other two we suggest a cocktail dress that makes you feel sexy, classy, like you own a room!

Tip: the wind machine LOVES flowey dresses!! As for your last outfit, we suggest something more casual like jeans and a shirt that can fall off your shoulder. It gives us sooo much more to play with!

In the end there are no rules if this doesn't sound like you. We want you to bring outfits that make you feel AMAZING!! Because when you feel amazing, that shines brighter than anything else!

You will need to have a private space where I can photograph, separated off from the party going on where we can have complete privacy and a location for the make-up artist.

Most set everything up in the kitchen and living room so you are enjoy getting your glam on, cocktails, getting your outfits ready, and music together.

Together your tribe will pull together your favorite wine, cocktails and food! Remember, this is a party!! One where it's all about celebrating each other and stepping into your inner goddess!


Branded social media files may be purchased at $150 a piece, or added on to any matching print for only $25.

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