The Goddesses Project - Celebrating the Beauty of Women

Capturing Your Journey of Empowerment and Self-Expression

Are you ready to embrace your true beauty, strength, and femininity? At the Goddesses Project, we specialize in empowering women through the art of photography. Our goal is to help you fall in love with yourself and see the goddess within.


The Goddesses Project Experience

Empower Your Authentic Feminine Self

Birth of the Goddesses Project

In 2020, a woman had a vision to capture the radiance of her 12 powerhouse girlfriends through photography. She recognized the beauty and strength within each of them and wanted to provide them with a tangible reminder of their worth and power.

Little did she know that this experience would transform into a powerful opportunity for the women to empower and lift each other up. They created a safe space for vulnerability and celebrated each other's uniqueness, igniting a flame that continued to burn brightly long after the photo-shoot.

The women left the session feeling transformed, shedding old beliefs and embracing their inner goddesses for the very first time. While the experience was not intended to change their lives, it had a profound impact on each of them.

Since that day, many of these women have become unstoppable in their journey of self-love and empowerment, fueled by the sparks that were ignited during the photo-shoot. It just goes to show that where there are sparks, there shall be flames!


Make Self-Care A Non-Negotiable

Let's talk about self-care. It's the missing piece that we often overlook on our journey of self-love and personal growth. We can't pour from an empty cup, can we? It's crucial to take care of ourselves first to live in our highest vibration and capabilities as empowered, divine women.

So, how do we do this? Pay close attention and listen to what your mind, body, and spirit are asking of you. Incorporating self-care into your daily practice is the key to finding your happiest and most authentic self. It's time to level up and prioritize your self-care routine. Remember, you are worth it!


Reframe Negative Self-Talk

To cultivate authentic confidence, we must first acknowledge and be mindful of our negative self-talk. It's essential to challenge these thoughts by questioning their truth and helpfulness and replacing them with more positive and realistic affirmations. Additionally, we can benefit from the support of positive and encouraging people. With the practice of self-compassion, we can transform our internal dialogue and experience more joy and fulfillment in life. Remember, the way we talk to ourselves matters. Let's speak kindly and compassionately to ourselves, and watch our confidence soar!



“Last week's class was a life changing moment for me. I finally, for the first time in life am living and feeling it!!! Huge breakthrough when you said “the deliciousness lives in the discovery of who you are without the baggage and the luggage” really hit me! You took me on this rollercoaster ride of emotions from what? to guilt, to ultimately hope. Christy, I'm ready to do more of the inner work! I’m craving it!!!!! I had already started the work but you have put a process and a plan in place!!!! You have helped me take time to be in it and not feel so rushed. I can’t not thank you enough for all that you have done and the way you did it! It was exactly the energy and trust you portray and authenticity from a place of love! Damn freaking goddess!!!”


"Since working with Tinkerbell, my life has transformed in a meaningful and loving way. I wanted to overcome my fear of not being seen for who I am and embrace my true self. Through the photoshoot experience, I was able to push past my comfort zone and challenge myself. Seeing the photographs for the first time was a turning point, filling me with pride and amazement and reminding me of the strength and resilience I possess. The images serve as a constant reminder to live with confidence and determination, embracing my unique self and all that life has to offer. Thanks to Tinkerbell's guidance and encouragement, I am now more comfortable and at ease in my own skin, inspired to live my best life with purpose and meaning."

Love Note

Dear Goddess Sister,

It's time to reconnect with your body and reignite your sense of aliveness! You deserve to experience the joy of embracing your present self and feeling truly vibrant. I understand that this can be easier said than done, and for some of us, it can even be frightening. While for others, it can be exhilarating! But because we know how overwhelming it can be to know where to begin or how to make time for ourselves, we've created something that allows us as women to simply show up. That's it! All you need to do is show up with an open and optimistic heart, and allow yourself to become a better, more beautiful version of you.

You will experience the unleashing of your truest potential and cultivate authentic confidence. Just imagine the incredible woman who will show up in life or for her goddess photoshoot after completing this journey! I can't wait to meet her! Get ready to define self-empowerment on your own terms and create the life you truly desire. I can't wait to join you on this journey!

Your Goddess Sister,



What Does A Goddess Photoshoot Experience Include?

A Goddess Tribe

We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated by purpose.”

We’re your tribe and we’ve got your back! Too often, we feel totally alone and like we must be the only one going through the situation we’re in. That’s not the case here! You’ll soon learn that with your Goddess Tribe, we’re all here walking, lifting each other up, and empowering each other along the way.

You don’t just gain the experience of a lifetime, you gain friendships of a lifetime, too.


Intention Setting Discovery Call

“Sometimes you don’t know what the next step is, because the next step isn’t a step, it’s a jump.” - Kim Perell

This exclusive call will be some of the most important time we spend together! It’s so important that, as Goddess Sisters, we trust each other. This is an intimate, cherished experience. We’re going to dig into outfits, looks and your intention behind this photoshoot so we can brig it to life!



Professional Makeup

We’re just so lucky as women to be able to wear makeup. If you’re having a bad day, you can change that.” - Gwen Stefani

No need to worry about the logistics, Goddess! We’ve got you!

Each Goddess photography session will include a professional makeup artist, one who specializes in the perfect makeup you need to last all day and reflect studio lighting beautifully.

Photography Session

She is a queen, her soul is royalty.” - Adrian Michael

A private, intimate, and empowering 45-minute photography session completely embodying your set intentions!

Together, with stunning lighting and the spotlight on you, we will be dancing through 3 different outfit changes, a crown, and of course, a wind machine.


On-Line Design Session

“I am the woman you don’t find twice, I promise you that.”

It’s way beyond time that you see for yourself the version of you that’s been hidden from your view, but has always been there!

Together, over an online design consultation, we’ll reveal how f**king stunning you truly are and design your wall art. This exclusive time is set aside to complete and finalize your portrait order.


Goddess Fine Art

“Repeat After Me: I’m walking into the greatest season of my life.”

Every Goddess Photography Experience includes an 11x14 Fine Art Goddess Amalfi Panel. This unique work of art is classy and elegant, framed with torn handmade cotton amalfi paper, giving your artwork a vintage feel.

There won’t be a single day that passes after this empowering experience that you won’t have immediate visual access to the goddess you truly are and have always been.

THIS is your daily, hourly reminder of how far you’ve come in your journey and how worthy you are of celebrating!



$995 per Goddess

I want this in my life! How do I book?

I am thrilled to share with you an opportunity to connect with your authentic, divine self through The Goddesses Project.


Currently booking our last year of open booking goddess photoshoots:

Reno NV, July 15th (BOOKED)

Phoenix AZ, August 27th (BOOKED) & 28th (4 SPOTS AVAILABLE)


Click the Start Your Booking Journey button below to reserve your 2023 photshoot ticket. I can't wait to embark on this journey with you and witness your inner goddess shine bright!


If you are a life coach with an aligning heart center or a women-owned establishment centered around empowering women, we should work together! We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with a maximum of two retreats or Goddess events moving into 2024 and beyond. If you are interested, please shoot me an email, and let's schedule a time to hop on Zoom and chat about how we can elevate your goddesses through collaboration! Reach out to to get started.



"When I first signed up for this course, I was hoping to find a community of like-minded women. And that's exactly what I got. But what I didn't expect was the personal growth and transformation that came with it. Thanks to Christy's guidance, I was reminded to take time for myself and focus on what's truly important - setting intentions and connecting with others.

The photoshoot experience was truly "metamorphic". Initially, I was nervous and uncomfortable, but Christy's warmth and support made me feel at ease. By the end of the shoot, I felt like a model - confident and empowered. Looking at the photos now, I see all the amazing things I love about myself, and the negative self-talk fades away.

These photos have become a powerful tool in my daily life. I use them to set the tone for my day or week, channeling different energies as needed. And the response has been overwhelmingly positive - I haven't received a single negative comment. But even if I did, I've learned that other people's opinions don't matter. What matters is how I feel about myself and my journey of self-love and self-acceptance.

Overall, working with Christy has been a transformative experience. One that Im doing again for myself in 2023!!! I've learned to embrace discomfort and trust in my own worth and beauty. And I'm excited to see where this journey takes me next. Thank you, Christy, for being such a bright light of support and love."

Working with you has been really amazing to say the least. I really love being amongst other women and seeing I am not alone in my struggles of being a woman, searching to navigate this world, womanhood, entrepreneurship, mom’ing and wife’ing. I gained new perspectives on accepting myself and discovering myself every day. Not settling for who I have been but looking forward to what I can learn from and about myself!

This has been sooooooo enlightening. I am blown away with the takeaways. I have been able to approach every day with purpose and wind down at night understanding, God willing, there’s tomorrow. Celebrate the success in my life today and not dwell in what I want to accomplish.

Searching my inner self has been a great journey so far. Thank you Christy for extending your knowledge and yourself to us. Thank you for your vulnerability that shows so much humanity. It’s humbling."


As a woman dedicated to empowering other women, my answer will always be a resounding "HELL YES!" I believe that by collaborating and supporting each other's businesses and brands, we can reach and elevate so many more women than any one of us could alone. If your business is centered around empowering and uplifting women, then we should definitely be friends! Together, we can make magic happen and create something truly amazing. So please don't hesitate to reach out to me at, and let's start making big things happen together!

Absolutely, the answer is YES! However, let me provide some context. As a woman with a full life, including a husband and two little boys who need a lot of my time and energy, along with other photography jobs that are scheduled well in advance, I need to be very intentional about taking on additional groups of women. That being said, THIS is my passion and I am a strong believer in the power of community and collaboration, so I encourage you to reach out and inquire about working together. Let's explore the possibilities and see if we can make something wonderful happen!

Each and every goddess will leave her experience with at least an 11x14 Fine Art Goddess Amalfi Panel.

In the occasion you’d like something larger, a unique size, or a different display option, we’ll happily credit $450 toward an individual piece!

At The Goddesses Project, we strongly stand by every goddess leaving her session with this 11x14 piece of beautiful wall art (or larger!) because we know the powerful, priceless impact that this wall art is going to make in your life.

When you truly need it the most, when your mind is telling your heart all those stories that you now know aren’t true, you’ll have this stunning, empowering wall art as a daily reminder of who you authentically are. You won’t have to scroll through your phone for it or hunt it down on your computer.

She’ll be right there.

Demanding your attention every day, reconnecting you with the most powerful version of yourself, and starting your day with the reminder of who you truly, genuinely are.

Powerful? Crazy powerful!



We want you to take home anything that makes you feel empowered, reminds you of your Goddess experience, and puts a smile on your Goddess face!

When you fall in love with more than you expected, we’ll go over album, portrait box, loose prints, and other incredible wall art options.


While we don’t hire or handle a hairdresser ourselves, you are more than welcome you bringing your own hair stylist if you would like to get that "dream ‘do" before your scheduled makeup appointment.


This is one of our favorite questions!

At your Goddess Photography Experience, we’ll be photographing 3 different outfits!


Absolutely! To share your Goddess Photography Experience with your online world, we offer branded social media files that can be purchased at $150 each or added to any matching print for only $25.


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