What would you say if you found out that your life is a reflection of how you feel about you? Would you start loving yourself more? Would you start letting those walls down and start celebrating your authenticity? Would you invest in you? Over the past year I’ve seen a huge shift in every part of my life because I started to invest in loving me.

I also have amazing girlfriends who encouraged this. There were parts of my life where I only felt failure and want, that are now full of abundance and ease. I used to seek out and have to make things in my life happen but now it comes to me and happens in a way that feels as though it was always meant to be. I used to dream of big dreams while now I’m just excited knowing nothing is too big or too grand to happen in my life. And I truly believe it all stems back to loving and honoring my self.

There is no room for self doubt, stories made up about my self or what others think of me. There is only room for joy! I totally believe we are here to experience joy. Today I came across this reminder, “ you’ve got to practice feeling about you in a way that a lot of other people don’t feel about you because it’s not about them feeling about you. They weren’t born with the ability to do it for you because it’s not their job it’s only your job.”

This really struck me because not only is it something easy to fall back into here and there but it’s something I was just talking about yesterday to a few of my goddesses. Each one of them said they hold their selves back from a type of joy because they worried what others around them would think. Why does this matter if it feels so good to us in that moment? Why do we rob ourselves of feeling amazing and give that power to others around us? When in reality, we wish pure joy without the regard of others in the life of our children correct?

Why can’t we wish this upon ourselves? I like to say we “cockblock” ourselves when this happens. I honestly love to see joy written all over the soul of whoever I’m with or strangers I pass. I don’t have to understand it or even agree with the way they are expressing their joy.

For me, knowing it’s their joy and that’s what they are feeling is beautiful. It makes me so happy for them! Loving your self, loving in joy is so powerful. This pic felt so appropriate with this thought because I can still feel this moment. One of the most joyful, grateful, self love moments of my life. One brought into my life by the love and support of an incredible friend of mine.

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