Kermit was famous for saying it ain’t easy being Green : By Myrna Atha

Kermit was famous for saying it ain’t easy being Green : By Myrna Atha - Goddesses Project

Something I look at as crazy and naïve now was that when we started the Goddesses project in 2020, I never anticipated how purpose driven each woman I had the opportunity to photograph would turn out being in their life’s work. How passionate they were about empowering other woman through their different forms of "career."

As a woman who loves to elevate other woman I feel like it’s so important to surround your self in everything you do with people who want to elevate and believe in you! From your orthodontic, to building a stay at home business, to buying safe products for your home or learning how to elevate your makeup routine. We are amongst strong amazing goddesses in this world who know that when they shine, YOU shine. And in return when you shine, they shine! 
Knowing Myrna and her passion to help other woman rise, I was excited to ask her to share her passion and story with us! 
(A Goddess Guest post by Myrna Atha)

It may sound corny when you hear women say they love what they do however, I LOVE what I do.

The question you should ask when someone says that is, "why do you love what you do?" Let me share.

It’s hard to believe but I have been working in the Green Living, Health & Wellness space for 27+ years. Back in 1994, the word “Green” was just a color and of course our Green friend Kermit was famous for saying it ain’t easy being Green.

Kermit was right, all those years ago I would often hear “Good for you” Myrna, however the world was not looking for what I had to offer. Today everything has changed, now more than in history most people want to be healthy inside and out, they want to buy American made and they want a secure financial future where they are in control.

My passion is education and mentorship. Working with women to empower them to be in control of their health, their families health and at the same time create a business around their busy lives that they love.

My life business is a noble business, working alongside women with drive and determination lights me up. My community is a welcoming one.

Ladies, you really can have it all and I can help you achieve the peace and life balance you desire. My tip is simply for you to consider the possibility.

Working alongside women to help them see what’s possible for them get’s me up every day.  Seeing and feeling them in that moment that they realize they are in control of their health and financial future is magical.  Knowledge and empowerment makes them strong and independent and that’s awesome.


Myrna Atha
480 707 3859

Myrna is a leader in both fitness and business. She has a passion for mentoring women entrepreneurs to launch, grow and develop a green, clean and healthy lifestyle.

If you have a mission to help empower women through their journey of self love, please let us know by emailing The Goddesses Project at and include a topic plus link to any blogs, websites, products, etc. 

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