Giving ourselves permission to continuously adapt : By Angie Fraley

Giving ourselves permission to continuously adapt : By Angie Fraley - Goddesses Project

(A Goddess Guest post by Angie Fraley)

I believe yoga is a vehicle for embracing change.  What better tool for inspiring women who go through many (and at times unpredictable) changes in their life.  Woman wear the hats of mom, wife, partner, entrepreneur, chef, chauffeur, helper, chief financial officer, councilor, nurse, etc.. all within their own families.  Their bodies change, their minds change, and their perspective changes to, sometimes all in the same day.

I love the challenge of understanding individual needs of students’ bodies and minds and how to incorporate the other aspects of yoga that lead them closer to the stillness they seek to relieve stress amongst the chaos.

Using yoga as a portal for personal transformation allows woman to release any misconceptions about what the practice is supposed to look like, and instead focus on meeting themselves where they are on a given day. Contrary to popular assumptions about the practice, yoga extends far beyond simply stretching and improving flexibility, although it’s a lovely side benefit. When we’re able to embrace yoga as a gateway to a deeper, more fulfilling human experience, we’re better equipped to handle all the seasons life brings us—especially the unexpected.

Tuning in with our awareness and giving ourselves permission to continuously adapt and evolve is how we stay grounded and centered in the midst of an ever-changing world. Most importantly, it’s our ability to learn from our experiences that allows us to continue to grow and expand, both on the mat and beyond.

This is why I teach yoga, this is why I inspire women, and this is why I am humbled and grateful beyond measure to bear witness to their own grace and acceptance.

Angie Fraley
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