You just have to create space and time to listen

You just have to create space and time to listen | Goddesses Project

For many, the time that I have learned I must take for my self daily, could seem selfish. But I’ve learned that taking care of me first is the only way I can best take care of others. Every morning I wake up about 2 hours before everyone else, put the dogs outside and have the entire house to my self to sit still in the quiet, feel the warmth of my coffee and just reconnect with ME.

Taking action to ground our #mentalhealth is not selfish. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to understand why it’s so important and look up to those who have figured this out in their life and are doing so. I’ve learned to ask my self daily “what do I need” and then ask my self “what’s holding you back from doing this today?” Then do it!

Today I’m being told to completely disconnect from electronics and to spend the day with the earth. So I shall do just THIS! Your inner goddess (body and soul) is telling you what you need more often than not. You just have to create space and time to listen.

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