A Message From W.M.C.

This year, WMC is celebrating individuals and families! And you all are the amazing Family Medicine family at WMC who care for so many people, and that deserves being celebrated! Please bring your family (up to 5 others and up to 3 fur friends) to create a memory in time and celebrate just that - those you care most about - because we care about you.

Info for your W.M.C. Photography Experience : with Christy Arias

Please join us for your personalized photography experience. Gone are the days of not knowing what is going on, just to show up, feel uncomfortable, and be disappointed with your photographs.

Step 1) Discovery

VERY IMPORTANT! This is a time where we take 10 to 15 minutes to get to know you and learn a little bit about what you might be looking forward to in your photography session. This is also a time we can answer any questions you might have :) This is BY FAR the most important piece of your photography experience.

Step 2) Photo Session

This is a time to celebrate YOU! 30ish minutes to simply focus on what you love most. We promise that this will NOT be like a most photography sessions! YES! We are going to bring out the best in you, but don't worry about folding your hands under your chin and having someone awkwardly pose you!

Step 3) Photography Reveal

This is the MOST exciting part. We will be hosting each of you for a dedicated time to see and order your photos and get expert advice on how to display your photographs. Often times we can even show you what your photos will look like on your wall BEFORE you order them as a print!




"I can't un-feel or un-experience the transformation this awareness has had on myself or the others I have been fortunate enough to work with. So I can't NOT do this now. It's a bigger-than-me honor to help people experience the transformation of living within their inner confidence."

— Christy A.


Celebrate an individual Photo with handmade pieces. Each fine art print and it's panel that can be wrapped with the various materials and colors. All to create chromatic pairings suitable for any home or work space.

Price : These pieces range from $350 to $2,900 depending on size. The (2) samples in your office are $450 and may be purchased using your $500 print credit gifted to you by Westminster Medical Clinic

For more information on products, please CLICK HERE


It’s a gallery wall art. It’s a framed pic. It’s an handmade print. Above all, it’s one of the most noble presentations for a collection of pictures, matted with handmade papers and printed with HD Fine Art inks; it’s mounted and ready to be hung. Pure art.

Price : These collections range from $1,400 to $2,900 depending on size. You may apply your $500 print credit gifted to you by Westminster Medical Clinic towards any of these collections.

For more information on products, please CLICK HERE


The perfect solution when you fall in love with too many photos for your walls. Everything about these are designed to give a sophisticated feeling, transcending time and trends. The luxury leather wrap protects the photographs, which is filled with handmade with Amalfi cotton paper prints. The magical look and feel is the result.


Price : Portrait Boxes and Albums begin with a minimum of 15 photographs at $100 each and can expand up to as many photographs as you wish. You may apply your $500 print credit gifted to you by Westminster Medical Clinic towards any portrait box or album collection.

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with sizes up to 8x12, your prints will stand out and have artistic charm with our specialty mats.
Each mat will add a touch of style, sophistication and will enhance your prints.

If you are interested in digitals, we offer branded social media files which are perfect for even the larest mobile devices and most desktops screens.

Price : Individual prints or digital files may be purchased at $150 a piece, or you can add on the matching digital file to ANY print or wall art for $25. Your $500 print credit gifted to you by Westminster Medical Clinic will cover up to (3) loose prints or (3) branded social media files that do not have a matching photograph attached.

For more information on products, please CLICK HERE


Q. What is included in my photography experience?

A. The Westminster Medical Clinic has gifted you with all of the following : 1) A short discovery call 2) A 30 minute photo session 3) A customized photography reveal and purchasing session 4) A $500 giftcertificate to spend as you please on any photography products.

Q. Who can I include in my photography experience?

A. Anyone who you have a cherished relationship with. Pets, kids, family. . . or. . . better yet, connect with Christy as to why she encorages everyone to have a proffessional portrait of themselves!

Q. What should I wear?

A. Wear what makes you feel good!!! Wear what makes you confident!!! If that means a fresh new outfit from your favorite designer, or it's that t-shirt that brings out a smile everytime you put it on. Worst case scenario? Reach out to Christy for some advice tailored to YOU!

Q. When and where is my photography reveal?

A. Directly after your photo session you will select a time for your photography reveal. Depending on availability, those are typically durring the following week. When you schedule, you will recieve an appointment and attached ZOOM link. We ask that you are sitting at a physical computer and NOT from a mobile device.

Q. Who should attend the photography reveal / ordering session?

A. All decision makers should be present.

Q. Can I have multiple photography reveals?

A. Yes, for an additional $100 each.

Q. Will I HAVE to spend any additional money on anything?

A. No, so long as you keep your purchase below $450 in products, you won't HAVE to spend anything beyond your gift certificate. Please review the product info above for questions about what products those might be.

Q. CAN I purchase prints beyond my $500 gift credit?

A. Absolutley! Most of our clients tell us that past photographers have made it difficult to find one photograph that they loved, but with us they have a hard time not wanting them ALL!

Q. Can I purchase prints for someone else?

A. Yes! Just let us know what their shipping address is and we can have them shipped directly to them.

Q. Is shipping included with my print purchase?

A. Yup!

Q. How long will delivery take after my order is placed?

A. This is when the real work begins! 24 hours after you place your order, we begin all proffessional retouching and color + tone corrections. Then our Italian production team gets to work! Finally, after about 3 to 4 weeks, your order will show up on your doorstep!

Q. How long do you keep the photos?

A. Any photography you purchase is archived into our secure backup system. Photographs not ordered stay on our standard hard drives that are typically rotated every 1 to 3 months.

Q. Do you provide online viewing galleries to purchase from?

A. We do NOT create online purchasing galleries. If you need more time to make a decision, thats ok, please ask about scheduling an additional ordering session for only $100.



Your photography session will give you a relaxed environment in which you can truly celebrate your personality. 30'ish minutes just to be YOU!

When was the last time you felt a moment was truly a celebration of you? This is THAT time, and we couldn't be more excited to to experience it with you.

You have 2 options to schedule your photo session!


Have a few more questions, thoughts or ideas? We are here for you! Send Christy a text at 775-815-7600, or email her at :

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