Being a goddess doesn't just happen. Like everything good or bad in life,  it takes time and work to get there. I can tell you how strong, beautiful and worthy you are but until you believe in YOU and the power you have to create your own invincible worth, my words are just words.

It all starts with YOU! Your body is listening! She already knows how unstoppable you are! That you were made to embody and experience everything you desire. It’s why you desire so much more for yourself. It already lives within you. She’s just waiting for you to step into YOU and own it for yourself!!!

It’s time to put on your favorite stilettos, catwalk into your truth and release your inner goddess!

Enclosed, you’ll find a deck of cards designed to empower and give you daily permission to live YOUR most authentic, next level life.

Through constant repetition, affirmations help us cultivate a mindset that allows us to transform our thoughts, beliefs and actions from negative and limiting, to empowering and limitLESS!

More GODDESS  like! 💫

Are you ready to put the work in? Are you ready to step into who you were meant to be and unleash your inner goddess? The self love starts here!

  1. Try not to skip ahead in the cards

  2. Flip over ONE new card each day

  3. Place the cards on the easel in a location where you will notice it, see it and remember it!

  4. Say each card out loud! 3 times so your body hears you!!

  5. Save & pin up cards that you connect with.

  6. Share old cards with a goddess that needs it.

I can’t wait to get to know you and start planning your photoshoot!

Make sure you setup time for us to chat in the “Discovery Call” link that I included in the welcome email.

Burn your goddess candle when you need to sit, reflect and take a deeper moment to own one of the affirmations.

You’ve got this goddess! I’m excited to see you step into your delicious goddess greatness!

Xoxo Your Fellow Goddess,



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