I was lost in the hustle of life : by Tiffany Motsinger

I was lost in the hustle of life : by Tiffany Motsinger - Goddesses Project

(A Goddess guest post by Tiffany Motsinger)

I teach moms how to make more money, working less, and how to live the life of their dreams. My commitment is for you to gain confidence and know your worth. Stop sacrificing your health, relationships, career, and dreams. YOU get to have it ALL.

As mothers, we find ourselves moving from task to another. Often, we are learning on the go, sleep deprived, and barely put together. There are many times, especially in the early days of motherhood, we are simply trying to survive. We gain weight, our health declines with anxiety, depression, and we lose ourselves through the process of raising a family and balancing a career and/or business. We want to be all things to the people we love most, but often don’t have anything left to give.

I was the mom described above. I was lost in the hustle of life. I gained over 80 pounds, I had severe anxiety, my husband hurt his back severely and was unable to return to work shortly after our first son was born, and my marriage suffered. In addition, I was building a business that was growing quickly, all while I was trying to balance my own emotions. My confidence was gone, sad most days, and I hated how I felt inside and looked on the outside.

In 2017, I attended a 4-month long transformation training. I was committed to changing my life through this training, because my LIFE depended on it. I went all in and was given the tools, and I learned the value of investing in myself. I was taught many things, but the number one thing I learned was my value. I get to have all the things.

After this journey, I am committed to giving back and sharing my knowledge. I want everyone WINNING! Since this training of have invested in myself year after year, and have worked with hundreds of individuals coaching them toward their goals. My favorite is working with mothers and helping women heal. They are so fun, powerful and full of life - once they realize life isn’t a competition. This is a you vs you game. I feel most alive when mamas have breakthroughs and meet their goals, and realize how powerful they actually are. This work lights me up. It is a true body high that takes over all senses. What’s wild, is it has less to do with me, and more with women understanding their value, finding their freedom, making more money, having more time on their hands, living the life of their dreams by getting their power back.

My goal is to help you reach your goal.


Contact me: info@tiffanymotsinger.com
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