Discover their true beauty that lies deep within : By Jamie Thalmann

Discover their true beauty that lies deep within : By Jamie Thalmann - Goddesses Project
It is far too often that I have women sitting in my chair consumed with a wrinkle here and there. If she could just get rid of this wrinkle, this extra skin, or this hollow then she would be pretty enough. Then she would feel good enough. Then she would be enough. She has decided this is where her worth lies and if she can fix it externally, then she will finally feel good enough internally.
My goal is to not only address the external concerns, but also help them discover their true beauty that lies deep within. We all have a special gift and beauty that no else in the world can offer. We all possess a unique trait or experience that is meant to help others. I strive every day to show up and create a space that will help others feel connected, seen and heard; as well as helping them connect to their own personal power and beauty deep within.
I have an eye for balance, symmetry and proportions. I love seeing the external results just as much as the internal changes of my patients. I love to share my personal experiences and my journey to self love, in hopes to help others know that they are beautiful just as they are.
There is no greater feeling for me to hear how their session has made them more confident, empowered, outgoing, and the very best version of themselves. Hearing how they have become more comfortable in their skin (actually loving what they see in the mirror) and seeing the changes that take place internally and externally in their day to day lives fills my heart with so much joy.
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