Featured Goddess : Sandy : "see that I am a strong confident woman!"

Featured Goddess : Sandy : "see that I am a strong confident woman!" - Goddesses Project
The Goddess project surpassed all of what I had expected! I really wasn’t sure what to expect going into it, but, wow, I am so happy I did it! It was truly amazing and one of the best things I have ever experienced! Talk about feeling like a woman and truly I felt like a Goddess!

The photoshoot was amazing! Christy is an amazing photographer and she makes you feel so relaxed but yet fun and flirty! She makes you feel comfortable just being you and stepping out of your own comfort zone as well! I felt like a model! Starting with having your makeup done for you and then going into the shoot and just truly letting your hair down and having fun!

After the photoshoot I felt empowered and beautiful! I also felt strong & confident and I could conquer the world! Exhilarated!

I went into this experience hoping to have a fun photography session and maybe have a couple of photos that I really liked that were done professionally. But what I got out of the whole experience was an opportunity to look more inside of me and see that I am a strong confident woman! I wanted to show my strength as a woman and I truly feel more confident because of this experience.

Seeing my photographs for the first time I about flipped! There was no way that was me! HA! But I truly felt like a strong, confident, beautiful woman. The feeling was overwhelming! Christy totally caught my personality through her camera lens and it appeared in my photos! Insanely amazing and the comments from the few I put out on social media said the very same thing! I loved them and my husband truly loved them!

The overall experience has truly built up my self confidence like no other! It has truly helped me to truly love myself for who I am, and I am a Goddess!

I would completely recommend this experience to everyone! You will have the most amazing experience like no other, I really can’t stress enough how much fun, exciting and exhilarating this experience is!!
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