Goddesses Project

2022 Goddesses Project Photoshoots

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Goddesses Project

2022 Goddesses Project Photoshoots

Regular price $995.00
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In the event that 2022 is booked, please email christy@goddessesproject.com to be contacted if a spot opens up and/or go on next years waiting list.

Every Goddess Experience Includes

  • A Goddess Tribe

 "We won't be distracted by comparison if we are captivated by purpose." 

We've got your back! Too often we feel alone and like we are the only one going through what we are going through. But that's not the case here!  We are all here walking, lifting and empowering each other together!

  • Intention Setting Discovery Call

 "Sometimes you don't know what the next step is, because the next step isn't a step, it's a jump." -Kim Perell

This will be one of the most important calls that we'll have together. It's very important that as goddess sisters, we trust each other. This is a very intimate experience after all. We are going to dig into your journey and what we are creating TOGETHER to empower your ongoing self-love and growth journey!

  • Professional Makeup

 "We're just so lucky as women to be able to wear makeup. If you're having a bad day, you can change that." - Gwen Stefani

No need to worry goddess, we got you! Ever session will include a professional makeup artist who specializes in makeup needed to last and reflect studio lighting beautifully.

  • Photography Session

 "She is a queen, her soul is royalty." - Adrian Michael

A private 45 minute session completely embodying your set intentions! We will be dancing through 3 different outfit changes, a crown and of course a wind machine!

  • On-Line Reveal & Design Session

 "I am the woman you don't find twice, I promise you that."

It's time to see the you that's always been there! Together, over an online design consultation we will reveal how fuc*#!g stunning you truly are and design your wall art. This time is set aside to complete and finalize your portrait order.

  • Goddess Fine Art

"Repeat After Me: I'm walking into the greatest season of my life."

An 11x14 Fine Art Goddess Almafi Panel.  A unique work of art, classy and elegant. Framed with torn handmade cotton amalfi paper, giving your artwork a vintage feel. There won't be a day that goes by after this experience where you won't have immediate visual access to the goddess you are.  THIS is your daily reminder of  how far you've come in your journey!

$100 Towards A Goddess Scholarship

$100 from every $995 booking fee will be going towards empowering a nominated woman who is constantly loving, taking care of others and would never otherwise consider herself a goddess or to treat herself to this experience. This goddess can only be nominated by a past goddess who has gone through and felt the transformation for herself. A panel of goddesses with no connection to those nominated will lovingly select  and announced in December of 2022 to be scheduled and photographed in 2023! #womenempoweringwomen

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